2 nori sheets (special for sushi)
30 g of tuna (or other fish)
150 g of sushi rice
1 tablespoon or rice vinegar
1 tablespoon of sugar
350 g of water
½ of carrot
¼ of avocado
3 spoons of cream cheese
Soy sauce and wasabi for decorate
It is necessary to use a sushi mat and transparent film


1. Wash the rice in cold water 5 times until the white water stops coming out.
2. Place the rice in a pot with the water, cover and cook over medium heat for 12 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it rest covered for 5 minutes.
3. Cool the rice at room temperature
4. Mix the vinegar with the sugar until it dissolves and add it to the rice. Stir everything gently.
5. Cut the avocado into strips, the carrot into thin sticks as identical as possible and not too thick.
6. Coat the sushi mat with plastic wrap so that the seaweed does not stick to it.
7. Spread the half of the boiled rice over the nori sheets without generate a thick layer. It is recommendable to leave few cm of separation between the rice and the seaweed edge.
8. In one of the edges, put the tuna strips together, the avocado, the carrot and the cream cheese.
9. Wrap the maki with the help of the sushi mat and press.
10. Repeat this part with the other nori sheet
11. Cut each sushi roll in 8 identical portions and accompany with a soy sauce or wasabi.


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