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IGAPE GALICIA EXPORTA EMPRESAS DIXITAL grant PORTO-MUIÑOS, S.L. was the beneficiary of a grant from the Igape Galicia Exporta Empresas Dixital program.

The main objective of these aids is to incentivize and stimulate the Galician foreign trade and the internationalization of the Galician small and medium enterprises. The aim is to increase the base of exporting companies and consolidate the presence of Galician companies in international markets.

Operation co-financed by the European Union


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A way to make Europe

PLAN DE INNOVACIÓN DE PORTO-MUIÑOS, S.L. (026). This operation corresponds to the Programa InnovaPeme 2020 (orocedure (IN848 D), co-financed by the European Union, through the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (FEDER). To promote research, technological development and innovation.

The overall objective of this innovation plan is to add new innovative capabilities in order to add to the current production new developments that will increase the added value of the seaweeds and meet emerging needs of current and future society. The specific topic is part of the valorization of the seaweed and addresses the environmentally and economically sustainable production of extracts with biological and functional activity that may have different applications.

Unha maneira de facer Europa

A way to make Europe

Porto-Muiños receives financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and from the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) to carry out an R + D + i project.

PORTO-MUIÑOS, SL, through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), from the European Union, as well as through the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), as a public business entity in charge of the management and development of The technological innovation policy of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), has obtained financial support for the realization of the project entitled “EXTRUSIONED HYPERPROTEIC AND RICH IN FIBER BASED ON SEAWEEDS AND OTHER VEGETABLES (2/3)” with file number IDI-20190716.

The general objective of this project is focused on obtaining a new range of products made by extrusion obtained from the mixing of ingredients of different origin, not existing in the world market due to their outstanding innovative challenge. The resulting combination of the different ingredients used must be a balanced mix both at a nutritional and sensory level, from which a final product made by indirect extrusion will be obtained. For the realization of this project, PORTO-MUIÑOS, has received financial support amounting to € 151,526.10 €

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities awards Porto-Muiños, S.L. the seal of innovative SME

With the sea lof INNOVATIVE SME, the ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities recognizes PORTO-MUIÑOS, S.L. as an accredited innovative company (valid until 12/12/2022) for a period of three years, as established, for having demonstrated its innovative character through its own activity. Royal Decree 475/2014, of June 13, on Social Security contribution bonuses for research staff, in article 6 establishes the definition of innovative SMEs. Order ECC / 1087/2015, of June 5, published in the Official State Gazette on June 11, regulates obtaining the innovative SME seal and the operation of registry of the Small and Medium-sized Innovative Company.

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