Porto-Muiños, 1988
Family business
The sea
Natural product
Galician Coast
Sustainable harvesting
Sailing together
Innovar es crear

Porto-Muiños, 1998

We embark on the conquest of the sea

Our journey to conserve the sea began in the Atlantic waters of the coast of Galicia. We dive into the underwater forests to understand them and to ensure that the seaweeds take their place in the daily meal.

The study and divulgation of the organoleptic qualities of the seaweeds were and continue to be our objetive.

Rosa Mirás and Antonio Muiños

Family project with sea views

This expanding small company also devotes space and time to elaborate other sea products from Galicia, including delicacies such as sea urchin roe, monkfish liver, whose taste and texture are highly praised by experts, mussels with seaweed, seaweed teas, seaweed pasta, tapas and other products containing all the taste and richness of the Atlantic.

Xandra y Antón, second generation

Sunlight and beaten waters,
the secret of
our sea

Products by Porto-Muiños: of course, vegan, vegetarian and organic

In many of our products you will find the V-Lavel quality seal, which internationally identifies vegan and vegetarian products. You will also see the European Organic Certification seals, which guarantee that we have produced them in an friendly environment and free of chemical components or processes.

Regulated and sustainable hand harvesting with underwater dives in authorized areas

The Galician sea is very fertile. The confluence of the Atlantic Ocean with the Cantabrian Sea creates a marine system of unique wealth. The marine strip that pass trough Galicia is the richest in the world in marine flora due to its sunny hours. We take care of the sea and take care of our underwater garden, because we know that the sea is our source of life and the future of planet.

We feel like fish in the water but with our feet on the ground.

Sailing together

A walk breathing the sea breeze, its energy, its essential elements, its vitamins and minerals. A basked filled with sea vegetables®. A plate of soup with seaweeds from Galicia. We are coastal people united with the knowledge of researchers, universities, chefs and people of the sea. The sea is everything and everyone has their space in this project. A journey without end in which we learn to discover new horizons.

Grow and learn

Innovating is a process. It is observe to inform our brain. It is break rules to create. It is link dispersed things. It is evolve to generate new ideas. Innovating is grow and have fun, is find the unexpected. Innovating is our way of feel the sea and life.

R+D+I by Porto-Muiños


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