What does the sea have that gives us life? The sea is the sea. Water, sun, breeze, mineral salts, iodine, seaweeds … a natural spa. The sea is thalasso and thalasso is sea. Clear horizon, open air, relaxation, disconnection. Source of health, beauty and vitality. A walk with five recharging stations: sea, sun, breeze, sand and seaweeds. All good and all free.


Sea water has a high concentration of mineral salts, iodine, chlorine, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements that are beneficial for our body. It also has eighty-five essential elements for our metabolism, normally absent in our daily diet, in addition to vitamins and microorganisms that suit us very well.


The sun rays are our natural recharge of vitamin D. Vitamin that we need and do not have in our food.


Natural air loaded with ozone, a most natural bactericide. Air loaded with iodine, a natural spray to regulate the thyroid. Air that cleans the respiratory tract and increases lung capacity. Air that, if we breathe deeply, relaxes us.


A walk on a natural sand carpet tones, relaxes and strengthens the muscles, regenerates the skin of the feet and makes you sleep much better.


The seaweed. What are we going to tell you about the fantastic seaweed, if we believe in them blindly. Algae are our vegetables from the sea® and they feed on the nutrients of salt water. They are very tasty, but also beneficial. When they come into contact with the skin, they transfer many of their properties to us, but if we include them in the daily diet, we don’t even tell you how much they contribute.

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